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We are confident that we have a plan to suit your budget.
You have total flexibility & lots of choices!
You have total flexibility and lots of choices! Just ask yourself how much time you want to invest in your health and fitness and which types of programs you enjoy best, and we’ll design your plan for success! You see, at Pacific Personal Training we believe everyone should have access to a personal trainer- even for as little as once per month. Clients can choose to train for 30 minute or 60 minute sessions. You can choose to train alone or with a partner or in a small group setting. As a client you decide whether you'd like to focus on cardio-conditioning, muscular-conditioning, flexibility, nutrition or a combination of all of these. You could choose to work out with your trainer within the studio, at home or outdoors.

NEW! Proudly Offering Childcare:
Childcare is available during CrossFit classes and personal training sessions. Reservation is required 24 hours in advance. Call (503) 747-7317 or email. Cost is $3/child, $2 for each add'l family member.

Private one-on-one training:
Working out one-on-one with your trainer ensures that you receive individualized attention which will help you master your exercise technique and will allow your trainer to closely monitor and advance your program. This is especially important if you are new to exercise or have special needs. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, are pregnant or have just had a baby, or are coming to us because your doctor said so, you will benefit from establishing a relationship with your personal trainer who can design and oversee a specific program for your needs and goals and closely track your progress. Many of our clients work out with us 2-3 times per week. Some clients meet with their trainer for initial assessments and to have a program designed and then follow up every couple weeks or once a month to monitor their progress and update their program to ensure they don’t get stuck at a plateau.

Partner training:

Do you prefer to train with a friend or significant other? Partner training may be ideal for you. Working with a partner can help you stay committed because he/she may hold you accountable more than you hold yourself. Besides the fact that it’s FUN, our clients love this method of training because they get to encourage each other and witness each other’s progress and split the cost!

CrossFit: Click Here for More Info!

We are proud to be the first and only CrossFit affiliate in Washington County with nationally certified personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. Our CrossFit programming is the newest addition to our cutting-edge training protocols at Pacific Personal Training. Many clients enjoy working out in this group environment. You'll enjoy the variety of programming, the energy of the group and the social atmosphere. Our class size is capped to ensure you receive the attention you need and expect from your personal trainer. This type of small group training is the most economical way to reap the many benefits of working with a personal trainer. We welcome and encourage people of ALL fitness levels to participate in our classes. Click Here for more information about CrossFit Services available at Pacific Personal Training.

Regardless of whether you choose private or partner training or CrossFit, when you sign up with a trainer, you can expect regular education, support and guidance. Your trainer will hold you accountable – our clients will always have someone looking over their shoulder. Our personal trainers provide safety, variety, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Client Information Questionnaire:
If you already have your first appointment scheduled, please download the client info questionnaire, fill it out as completely as possible and return it to your personal trainer or the front desk at least two days before your scheduled appointment.

Info & Services F.A.Q.
Click here for a short list of frequently asked questions regarding Personal and Group Training and Services offered by Pacific Personal Training.

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