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The First Session.
The first session with your trainer is critical to helping set up a foundation for your success. Seven out of ten people start an exercise program but then within 2-3 months they have dropped out. This high drop-out rate is often due to the fact that the individual has not spent any time establishing the right program for them based on their history, goals, individual needs and lifestyle. Our Pacific Personal Trainers spend a good portion of the first session talking with you to determine which type of program is going to help you stay motivated so you are consistent enough to progress, experience results and succeed. We have established a 4-step process for motivation that we teach all of our clients to ensure they stick to the program.

We have helped so many different clients over the years from beginners, elderly individuals, people experiencing back, neck, knee and shoulder problems, mountain climbers, professional athletes, triathletes, runners, cyclists, pre/post natal, obese clients, diabetic individuals, osteoporotic individuals and many more. We are completely confident that regardless of someone's special considerations, we will be able to help him/her achieve a higher level of health and fitness.

What happens before the first session?

You will complete an 8-page client information questionnaire. The information gathered in the questionnaire is critical to helping your personal trainer design the most individualized program for you. It takes into account your medical, injury and physical fitness history, your current lifestyle, your present level of fitness and type of activities, your nutritional habits and more. Your trainer will be able to take this information along with your goals, interests, and needs and create a custom-designed program that will make it easier for you to follow and achieve results. It will take you a bit of time to complete the questionnaire but we encourage you to be thorough in order to provide your personal trainer with all the tools necessary to really help you achieve your goals safely, effectively and permanently. This way they won’t be wasting any time during your first session trying to gather information and instead can focus on the training program.

What happens in the first few sessions?

The first few sessions are the most important. This is when your personal trainer helps you lay a strong foundation that you can build upon. You will determine how ready you are for the changes and whether you need to adjust your expectations dependent on your current lifestyle and other responsibilities. You will develop goals that will get you emotionally excited so that you will stay committed despite other priorities that may surface. You will establish a step-by-step plan to get you closer and closer to your goals. You will walk away with a very clear picture of what success is going to look like and what you need to do to get there. Generally, the first few sessions are not very active but don't be discouraged - the awesome workouts come later! We typically start off pretty easy and gradually pick up the pace once we understand your capabilities and limitations. Each session and each workout will build upon this initial stage. However, you should still wear comfortable workout attire as you will be moving. Keep in mind if you are presently very fit and do not struggle with motivation, we will get to work right away!

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