Even though we ended classes today at 1pm because of the heat, it was still pretty toasty doing hitting this partner chipper today. BTW, this is a VERY nicely, organized, white board. Thanks, Ryan.

So, what’st the big deal about exercising in the head if you’re drinking enough water throughout the day?  Well, it comes down to overheating and not being able to dissipate heat rapidly enough. Personally, I’ve suffered from heat exhaustion and heat rash. It’s not fun and since none of us are training to make it to the CrossFit games, I decided to cancel classes in the evening. Since class ended, I’ve been getting amino acids, carbohydrates, protein and good old fashioned agua wherever possible. Since this WOD took most of us less than 40 minutes, there was really no need to have anything other than water to get you through it successfully.  Sports drinks, caffeine, powders – all of those things won’t really do the body any good when taken during exercise lasting 1-hour or less.  Water is just fine.

4×4 False-grip ring rows to bottom of ribs
6×1 Toenail MU negative (take at least 15 secs to lower from top of dip all the way
down, using as little help from legs as possible)

Teams of 3:
60 OHS (115/75)
60 Burpee box jump over (24/20)
60 Power snatch (115/75)
60 Front rack lunges (115/75)
30 Muscle-ups
60 Thrusters (115/75)
60 Strict pull-ups
60 Wall balls
60 Alternating DB snatch (55/35)

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