Memorial Day weekend we always do three things:
  1. On Saturday, we meet at the stairs near the PSU campus on 13th and Cardinal for a fun, outdoor workout at 8am (weather dependent).
  2. Memorial Day, we have only ONE class at 9 am: The Memorial Day ‘Murph’ workout (we scale and adjust it for some, so don’t worry, YOU CAN DO IT!).
  3. Potluck and FOOD afterward!
This is a charity workout and we’re raising money for the Hillsboro High School choir. If you watched Chuck’s live Facebook video this weekend, you saw the two very nice choir girls who sang their hearts out at his front door while they were collecting cans and bottles to raise money for their school.
All proceeds from Memorial Day Murph will be donated to HilHi choir.

  • Do you need to lose body fat?
  • Are you stuck either working at a desk job or at home?
  • How much weight have you put on in the last 36 months?
  • Have you been putting off a fitness plan unitl you find what works for you?
We’re offering you our 21-Day FAT LOSS & TONING program. We only have a few spots open though and are looking for people who need our help in the community. Options include
  • Personal Training
  • Semi-Private Training and
  • Team Training
We need to speak with you in person before getting you signed up because we are a PERSONAL TRAINING GYM, not a $10-a-month big-box gym with mirrors.
Call us today to see if this can work for you: 503-547-5521
Start May 27th (we’ll adjust the workout for you) or June 3rd.
2074 NW Aloclek Dr. S. 411
Hillsboro, OR 97124
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