Do you look at all of those protein supplements on the shelves at retail stores like a deer in headlights? Me too. Which do you trust? Which one works? Which one is really scientifically researched and evidence-based? As a business owner, certified strength & conditioning specialist, and CrossFit coach, I have to be very careful in what I carry for my clients. I’ll never recommend anything but the best AND most affordable products for your success. This is why I carry dotFIT. But, I bet you’ve never heard of it before, have you?

dotFIT doesn’t spend any money on marketing. Know why? So they don’t have to jack up their prices on products. These are quality supplements that thousands of professional and recreational athletes trust, and dotFIT isn’t about to spend millions on infomercials and internet advertising, forcing them to raise their prices. This helps keep costs DOWN and you the consumer don’t have to pay a fortune for protein, BCAAs, and multi-vitamins.

dotFIT is NSF-Certified for Sport. It’s a clean product AND COMPANY that you trust. Other big-name, supplement companies have recently been involved in multi-million-dollar lawsuits for falsifying their nutritional labels for consumers. I’m not going to take that risk by selling those products to my clients.

FREE SHIPPING. dotFIT has an auto-ship plan every month! Choose how often you’d like to receive your product of chose and pay NO shipping! Choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, or 12 months! Choose how often you’d like to receive your product of chose and pay NO shipping!

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Here’s what I recommend for most people starting or maintaining a new fitness program:

  1. Grassfed WHEY protein to help muscles regenerate stronger. Taken immediately after exercise WOD.
  2. Branch Chain Amino Acid for muscle soreness and stamina. Taken 40-min pre and immediately after WOD.
  3. Super Omega. These are Alaskan Omegas (my homeland!) and will keep you healthy and sharp.
  4. Multi-vitamin. Get your MICRONUTRIENTS from an NSF source, not mass produced & store-bought.
  5. Creatine. MOST people exercising with us 3 or more days a week should take creatine for recovery and performance. Stack creatine with BCAA for your pre-WOD formula and see how much better you perform.

These are my Big 4 and there are many other options that may be right for you. Please contact me or visit my online store to educate yourself and learn which products are right for you.

Chuck Gonzales, CSCS, CL-L2, USAW, FMS,

Founder, CrossFit Hillsboro

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