Tomorrow is our 9 year anniversary at CrossFit Hillsboro.  When we first opened up, we were the first box in Hillsboro and the furthest West box in Oregon. The coaches we had at the time and I would get stopped all the time in grocery and people would ask us, “What’s CrossFit?” After two expansions, 2 more kids, literally hundreds, if not thousands of members and a handful of awesome coaches, we’re still striving toward our vision of educating & entertaining our community through functional fitness to help eliminate obesity and preventable diseases in our lifetime. After 14 years in the trenches as a trainer & coach, I can truly say that we’re all blessed to do what we get to do, by living out our passion.

Business and entrepreneurship aren’t easy.  They each require hours, days and years upon years of pounding on your craft to improve yourself little-by-little. 1/10th of 1% better each day, is what I’ve always believed. The thing that drives us is continually investing in our people and our company to deliver the services that people are asking us to sell. Our business of training is very personal to us and we’re in the people business, not the training business.  Every day that we get to interact with those in our community is a day that we’re allowed to honor our craft through service. Service is the secret of living.

“The secret of living is giving.” – Tony Robbins

For us, service is the key to business and the key to life.  Our company thrives on providing a great service and always striving to become better each day. When we stop learning, stop striving to become better and stop investing in our own company, that is when we slowly start dying. If you’re not working toward your vision and growing, you’re dying. Proverbs tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.” This is true for not only ourselves, but for our company as well. For us to thrive and grow, we must share our gifts and talents that the Lord blessed us with, to the people that He lead to our doorstep for us to serve.

Over the last 9 years we’ve served our clients to the best of our ability.  We’ve made thousands of mistakes and have tried our best not to repeat those mistakes but, to make NEW mistakes each day. We’ll always do our best to grow and provide a great service, entertain and help you learn something new each day.  Plus, we’ll always try to do our best to make you laugh and have the best hour of your day.

Hope to see you soon in the box!

Coach Chuck

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