Next week there will be the biggest, mom’s-celebration, happy-dance party in North America because the kids are back in school! Finally, you can regain your sanity by coming to see us again, 2-3 days a week! What was it about this summer and kids driving us up a wall?? Was it just me or, am I the only one feeling like my head’s going to explode if I had to watch Zootopia one more time before noon?



As you can imagine, this is a pretty busy time of year for us because let’s face it, there was a plethora of Bar-B-Qs, mimosas and SHEET CAKE!!! HAHAHA! I mean, maybe it wasn’t as bad for you as it was for me but this summer, THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL! Honestly, that’s why I love the fall because to me it means “SCHEDULES AND ORGANIZATION.”
Speaking of schedules, if you’re not already with us and need accountability, results, coaching and nutritional guidance, do these times work for you to attend our classes? If not, what times do you need?
MON/WED/FRI – 6:30AM, 9AM, 4:30PM?
If you’re ready to see actual, PERMANENT results, you need to take a look at our
6-Week Fall Back to Fitness Fat Loss CHALLENGE
We are so confident that this program works that we can promise results because the combination of
  1. Accountability
  2. Nutritional Guidance
  3. Professional Exercise Coaching
These create the perfect balance needed to change your body from the inside, out.
I’m talking about PERMANENT results – not yo-yo stuff (you know, gone today, back again next month).
What do you think? Ready to make a real change in your life?
Don’t wait. You need to hurry to register because we only have a handful of spots left for this 6-Week FALL BACK TO FITNESS FAT LOSS CHALLENGES and they’re going fast!
If you still need convincing, check out results from previous participants:
  • Julie L- Lost 8.5% Body Fat & 9.5″
  • April lost 20 pounds!
  • Mary O- Lost 10 Pounds of BODY FAT
  • Asa lost 5% body fat!
Not only did they lose the weight but they also gained:
  1. Cardio!
  2. Strength
  3. Flexibility
  4. Speed
  5. Balance
  6. Core strength
  7. And most importantly, SELF CONFIDENCE!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get you the results you crave. We know this program will work for you too, but you have to be one of the first 14 people to register here:
P.S. If you’re ready to watch the fat literally “fall” off this season, this is the perfect program for you!
Isn’t it time to take care of you? Here’s how:
Movement Foundation & Nutrition Workshop for Beginners!
Free to Friends and Family!
Saturday 16th, 2PM
Get started correctly! This orientation program will teach you the fundamentals of our program AND cover our nutritional philosophy. This is a hands-on workshop and we’ll gently coach you through the proper movement mechanics of various lifts you’ll do in class, and we’ll also help you understand the terminology we use in CrossFit to help guide you through your 6-week challenge and ensure your safety.
30-min Small Group Training!
For a limited time only, we’re offering 30-min, small group training sessions, starting September 12th. 9:00AM -11:30AM on Tuesday & Thursday. These sessions are ONLY $47/month! No-contract, cancel at anytime. These training sessions are coached just as our normal sessions, just condensed into 30-min to help you get a great workout in half the time! Call me with any questions.


Reach out to us today with any questions.

Thank you!

Chuck Gonzales, CF-L2, USAW, FMS, CSCS

Founder, CrossFit Hillsboro & Pacific Personal Training


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