Unrealistic Weight Goals
I can’t tell you how many MEN have come to me in the box and tell me, “Oh, I can drop 15 pounds in two weeks.” Like it’s some kind of competition or something, Let’s be honest. The media has long held up unrealistic body types as the ultimate in perfection-overtly skinny women with little to no muscle or fat on their bodies and AB-POPPING men. Many women & men set unattainable and sometimes unhealthy weight goals for themselves based on what the media portrays as “beautiful” & what they once did in high school

The truth is, your body actually does need some fat to function properly. First of all, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K require a certain level of body fat in order to transport throughout the body. Secondly, it helps regulate your body temperature. Third, it cushions your internal organs and nerves and protects them from damage. Finally, body fat acts as the largest store of energy in your body that can be broken down to allow increased physical energy and proper internal organ functions.

If you stick to clean eating and exercising, you will lose the excess body fat that you do not need to survive. Living your best life and being healthy is priceless and worth every ounce of effort you put into it.  You can create the life that you DESERVE.  You absolutely deserve to live your best, healthiest, most energetic, and vibrant life.

The good news is, “Strong is the new Beautiful.”

Thanks you guys,

Coach Chuck

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