The NEW, $47 Membership at CrossFit Hillsboro!

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Did you know that we now offer the most INEXPENSIVE training program in town? That’s right, you can have your OWN personal trainer, twice per week, for only $47 per month! That’s less than $6 per session! PLUS there are NO long-term contracts and you can cancel at any time, without any rediculous fees! How can we do this?

This new, 30-minute Express Training Small group will get you sweating, moving, dropping body fat, and feeling your very best, just twice per week. We know first hand how difficult it is to reserve time for yourself and let’s face it, 1-hour of exercise sometimes isn’t in the cards for many of us Just 30-minutes of functional training on Tuesday and Thursday, every 30-minutes starting at 9 PM thru 12 PM. This is a GREAT way to work with a personal trainer while the kids are away in school to feel your very best!

This is a SMALL GROUP and does not require any fitness experience to start.  You’ll have the best 30-minutes of your day playing with all of our toys like:

Battle Ropes, BOSU, TRX, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Stability Balls, Row Machines, Dumbbells and our favorite, your own body!

Scorch Calories by Following Our Nutrition Guide! 

Burn up to 500 calories in some classes while SCORCHING body fat by following our exclusive, CLEAN EATING & CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLANNER! Eat meats, nuts, seegs, vegetables, some fruits, little starchs and NO processed sugars! You’ll feel amazing after the first week and your clothes will DEFINITELY be looser and baggier!


Day & Time: Tuesday and Thursdays starting at 9am – 12pm

Starting Date: September 12th – December 21st.

Member limits: 5 people per session

Nutrition plan: Yes

Reserve your spot in class using our online scheduler.

No-contracts. Cancel at any time (please provide at least 30-days notice). 

Group intakes are every Tuesday, starting August 15th at 6:30pm 

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.40.42 AM

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time that you started to feel you best? Remember, NO-CONTRACTS!

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about how to get started.

Chuck Gonzlaes, CSCS, USAW, FMS, CF-Coach

Founder, CrossFit Hillsboro & Pacific Personal Training


2074 NW Aloclek Dr. S. 411 – Hillsboro, OR – 97124.

Located two blocks south of the Cornelius Pass & Cornell intersection, across from Kohl’s & Winco.


Check out some of our success stories! You can have amazing results just like these too!


Nicole A. Over 60 pounds!


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ALL lost 20 pounds! Upper left to right. James, Marie, Fonda, Brittnie, Asa, Arturo & Jeremy!



Carmen O. Over 15 pounds!

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