Tomorrow marks a new beginning for many of us as our holiday break comes to a close and we return to work and our gym routines with a newfound sense of determination after eating our way through the past 2 weeks (or longer!).
Instead of setting resolutions, why not just resolve to ‘get healthier’?  Eat better, get more (quality) sleep, exercise more, drink more water, etc…  There are many new habits you can implement that will benefit your life overall.  Start small. Pick one thing and tackle it for a week. Add one more. Nail that one before moving on. I like to think of ‘adding’ things rather than ‘taking away’. Decide you’ll make a big salad once a day as opposed to saying, ‘I’m giving up sugar 100%’. How realistic is that?!  Not very.

When we coach clients through goal setting, we educate them on how to set reasonable goals that will stick. You may have heard of ‘SMART’ goal setting?

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Reward-Based
T = Timely

When you set a ‘SMART’ goal, it’s not an arbitrary, vague, over the top dream that sets you up for failure.

Let’s say your goal is this:
“To lose 20 lbs.”

Now, let’s transform that to meet the SMART criteria.
“I want to lose 20 lbs. by Valentine’s Day so I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and look hot for a date with my husband.”

There’s a SMART goal!
Specific- lose 20 lbs. by Valentine’s Day
Measurable- yep, by stepping on the scale and/or fitting into those pre-pregnancy clothes
Attainable- absolutely, if this goal is set on January 1st.
Reward-based-  looking HOT on a date with hubby
Timely-  there is an end date in mind that will keep you motivated and driven

I encourage my clients to set both a short-term (4-6 weeks) and a long-term (6-12 month) goal.

Sooooo…make sure your gym clothes are clean, pack your lunch/snacks, schedule your workouts as if they were dr.’s appointments (maybe even charge yourself a cancellation fee if you miss it!), and let’s start taking this thing seriously!

It’s not about ‘getting skinny’ or ‘wearing a smaller size’, it’s about taking care of your ticker.  You only get one, after all. And if we shrink a little in the process, well, good riddance, stubborn fat!

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