Why You Should Use the Dumbbell Matrix Everyday

Have you ever seen me do that weird, dumbbell push, pull, reach thingy in the studio?  Have you ever done it with me? Know why I’ve been doing it for the last 12 years?  It’s called the  Dumbbell Matrix and it was created by a brilliant physical therapist, Gary Grey to train all of the pulling and pushing muscles of the body. However, I’m not sure he actually knew how far ahead of his time he actually was when he created it years ago.  These movements train not only 3-demensional, external loading patterns, they ALSO stretch, load and ignite the myofacial connective tissue.

Myofacial training/stretch therapy is an entirely separate science and subject.  However, learning the DB Matrix is just a starting point to help you train the myofacial connective tissue for the following benefits:

  • Mobility in lower-body: ankle, achilles, hip
  • Mobility in upper-body:  rotator cuff, pecs, lats & serratus
  • Spinal stability during multi-planar, 3D movement
  • Total-body neuromuscular preparation & development including: balance, accuracy, coordination and agility.

This is an oldie from a few years ago, but this is the DB Matrix.

Thanks so much for your time,

Chuck Gonzales

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