Want to sprint a little faster to the best deals on Black Friday?

Want to earn a few more of those deviled eggs?

Want to feel a little less guilty about the white bread rolls with real butter?


Try this 1st workout

Warm-up #1


2X (do each item and then repeat)

1 min of light jogging in place

Samson Stretch-hold each position for 15 seconds (this is the one where you have one knee on the ground and your other leg is in front of you, reach for the ceiling with both hands, then place both hands on the inside of the out stretched leg, then raise the arm closest to the out stretched leg to the ceiling, then place one hand on each side of the out stretched foot on the floor and straighten out your front leg, stretching your hamstring) switch legs and repeat

15-Waiter’s Bow (hands behind head, then bend forward at the waist pushing your butt back, keep eyes forward then stand back up straight. Feeling should be in you’re the back of your leg.

10 Arm Circles Forward & Backward

10 Leg Swings Each Leg (forward and backward & side to side)

Workout #1


5 rounds for time (Do 5 rounds as fast as possible)

10 push-ups

20 sit-ups

30 squats

30 seconds plank hold

Post your score below, please!

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