“I’ve tried every diet.  I’ve tried every pill.  I go to the gym and burn 200 calories every time on the stair stepper and I STILL look the same way each day.”

Chances are you need to increase your intensity AND clean up your diet, BIGTIME!  I’ll post more on the diet part later any why most supplements are just overpriced, powdered, carbon.  Until then, check out our second at-home workout for you.


side profile of a mid adult man exercising on the floor

Warm-up #2


Jumping Jacks X 25

High Knees X 60 seconds

Inch Worm with 2X push-ups X 5 (each time you inch out do 2 push-ups)

Frankenstein X 20 total (10 per leg)

Groiner X 20 (just like the mountain climbers but feet land on the outside of the hands, done slowly)


Workout # 2


10 rounds for time

10 Burpees (FULL burpees)

10 Situps

Thanks so much again for your time and we hope we don’t get you in trouble at work.


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